Mouldable Firebrick

Vitcas® Mouldable Firebrick is manufactured from heat resistant aggregates and bonding, fireproof clay. It is made out of pre-fired refractory materials, which are used for repair or replacement of bricks in fireplaces, kilns and boilers. The firebrick can be moulded into the shape which is ideal for repairing your firebrick in your chosen heating appliance. 
The mouldable firebrick is resistant to a high temperature of 1600oC / 2912oF.
The firebrick is suitable both in the domestic and industrial sphere. Domestically it can be used in e.g. wood fired stoves or in fireplaces, whereas in the industrial context, it can be used in kilns and incinerators. 
Mouldable Firebrick MF


  • Fireplaces
  • Boilers
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Open fires
  • Light industrial kilns
  • Incinerators

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