High temperature
                 thermal textiles

High temperature thermal textiles

Thermal textiles provide the solution when flexibility or movement is required in high temperature situations. Heat resistant materials capable of being formed into fibres can be woven, knitted or felted into cloth, rope and tape, as appropriate.

Our glass fibre cloth is available in two different weaves; a looser weave for items such as curtains, and a tighter one for closer fitting jackets and covers. We also apply various additional coatings to our glass fibre cloth, such as graphite and vermiculite, which increase heat resistance or provide other benefits. Thermal textile - silica cloth can withstand even greater temperatures than glass fibre and is used to make protective workwear, splash screens and dust filters in high temperature environments, for example. 

Ready made items include our flue insulation wrap, which fits any flue pipe from 125mm to 200mm (5” to 8”), and our hose and cable sleeving, both made from glass fibre. Needled mat felt, used in a number of industries to provide acoustic as well as thermal insulation, is also made from glass fibre. Our range of thermal fire ropes and tapes provide solutions for lagging pipes of all sizes, jointing, filling and forming gaskets and seals around domestic boilers and stoves, as well as in industrial furnaces.